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10 Best Aftermarket Headlights For Silverado 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

One of the key things you need to have a great driving experience is a safe and fully operational truck. In a world so filled with dust and smog, clear visibility is absolutely essential.

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To ensure you can see clearly, you want to seek out the best aftermarket headlights for Silverado trucks.

By choosing a quality product, you get all the benefits of clarity, along with the added value that comes with an improved truck appearance.

There are options to fit all Silverado years, offering a wide range of looks and light bulb types.

The item itself is generally easy to install and lasts for a long time, so it is definitely an accessory you can count on.


Comparison Table of Best Aftermarket Headlights For Silverado 2022 – At a Glance

DNA Motoring
Akkon Smoked

10 Best Aftermarket Headlights For Silverado Review

01. Headlight Kit for Chevy Silverado – Best Quality Headlights For Chevy Silverado

When your headlight burns out, chances are you just swap out the bulb. However, if it’s a repeating issue, it can prove to be both tedious, and a little bit dangerous.

Headlights are a critical safety feature for your Silverado. Additionally, they are a legal necessity without which you are bound to get pulled over eventually.

If the hardware for your system is faulty and leads to frequent burnouts, then chances are you want to overhaul the whole system.

This is a great option for this need since the product comes with all of the pieces you need to replace the entire setup.

Working for all types of Silverado between 2003 and 2006, it includes all the parts needed to replace the headlight system and stop your truck from wearing downlights too quickly.

Highlighted Features:

  • Suited to Silverados made between 2003 and 2006
  • Works on 1500, 2500, and 3500 models of the truck
  • Comes with a lamp replacement, housing, and bumper light
  • High-quality lighting with reflector and lens
  • Safety features prevent moisture from damaging the interior
  • Resists heat and impact-related damage to the exterior


  • Inclusive kit for easy setup
  • Simple installation process
  • Durable and long-lasting


  • Doesn’t fit the Cladding style
  • Relatively high in price

02. DNA Motoring (ID# HL-OH-CS99-$p-SM-AB) – Best Headlights for Simple Installation 

No one enjoys spending an excessive amount of time struggling to make a part fit. Chances are when you get a headlight setup, you want the most value with the least amount of effort for installation.

If you are looking to reduce your time investment and get the most out of the system, this is a great direction to take.

Featuring a simplified bolt-on design, you can get your truck safely on the road within the least amount of time.

Coming with both lights for driver and passenger sides, you can completely change out the system without having to make changes to the system.

It doesn’t require modifications and slips directly into the existing electricals. As a result, you can typically do the setup on your own.

Highlighted Features:

  • Easy to install, bolt-on design for simplicity
  • Features both passenger and driver lights
  • Creates a sleek appearance for the Silverado
  • Sturdy, stainless steel material for durability


  • Lined with rubber for safety
  • Resists rust and corrosion


  • Won’t fit with existing modifications
  • Doesn’t include bulbs

03. Aftermarket Replacement Headlights – Perfect for Older Silverado Models

If you are a fan of older Silverado models, then this is a great choice to make for your headlight replacement needs.

All mechanical components tend to wear down over the years, and if you drive an older model, then you know that it can be pretty tricky to find parts that fit.

The good part of this component is that you can put it on Silverados as old as 1999.

With design features that allow you to get more visibility out of the bulbs themselves and components which improve longevity, you get to improve your truck without sacrifice.

Fitting with off the line electrical components, you need no modifications to make these headlights fit properly.

Since they mimic the factory options, you get all the Silverado reliability while getting the advantage of proven market success.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works on all Silverado models between 1999 and 2002
  • The design naturally enhances lumens from the bulbs
  • Includes several safety features for durability
  • Perfect replacement for off the line headlights


  • Meets all OE standards
  • Clear glass for easy visuals


  • Identical to factory option
  • No additional features

04. PERDE Halogen Headlights 

As you probably know, the appearance of a Silverado is one of the main features that sets it apart from other trucks.

Because of this, when truck owners seek out accessories, depending on the unit, they try to opt for options that keep true to the original look.

While others want to go for something newer looking, most find that it conflicts with the general aesthetic integration of the Silverado.

If you want to keep the look of your unit intact, then this is an ideal headlight choice. Even though it is an aftermarket add on, it stays consistent with the truck’s vibe.

Exceeding the standards for both safety and performance, the headlights fit in with the regular electricals so you don’t need modifications.

Generally, they are simple to install, meaning you can quickly get your truck back on the road.

Highlighted Features:

  • Keeps to original appearance for aesthetic consistency
  • Works with existing electrical setup in the Silverado
  • Complies with all safety standards and regulations
  • Replaces off the line option seamlessly


  • Simple installation
  • Easy integration
  • Safety features


  • No added benefits
  • Relatively high cost

05. Auto and Art Aftermarket Headlight Replacement 

A fantastic option for older Silverados, these headlights require no alteration to your system’s electrical setup.

This means that, not only do they add safety in the form of visibility, these headlights keep your wiring system perfectly intact.

As an added benefit, the headlight exterior is clear glass. This allows the light to shine through entirely unencumbered so that you get the maximum lumens to illuminate the road ahead.

Both durable and long-lasting, these headlights boast a streamlined design so you can see clearly and drive in style.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works on Silverados made between 1999 and 2002
  • Meets all necessary OEM requirements for performance
  • Safety features encourage the durability of the product
  • Clear pane enhances the vibrance of the lights


  • Sturdy design
  • Long-lasting
  • Improved visibility


  • Only works with older models

06. SPPC Silverado Headlights 

One of the best parts about this headlight option is that it works with a wide range of Silverados. Provided your truck was manufactured between 2007 and 2013, you can all but guarantee a quality fit.

The unit itself performs well, without the need for modifications to the electrical components of your truck itself.

Coming with the headlights for both the passenger and driver sides, you get the full benefits of a system overhaul with minimal labor.

Because the unit is so user-friendly, you can get the setup done in a matter of hours (or less), and be back on the road with improved safety and visibility.

The item meets all relevant safety standards, so you can rest assured knowing you and your passengers (and cargo) are in safe hands.

Designed to stand the test of time, this system lasts over the long term while providing a sufficient number of lumens to clearly see the road ahead.

Highlighted Features:

  • Works with 3500, 2500, 1500 Silverado models
  • Fits with trucks made between 2007 and 2013
  • Meets all safety and function standards
  • Comes with headlights for passenger and driver side
  • The simple installation process for easy setup


  • Unique appearance
  • Full kit included
  • No modification required


  • Only works up to 2013
  • Vulnerable to impact

07. Autosaver88 Assembly Kit for Headlights

Whenever you seek out an upgrade or accessory for your vehicle, the first thing you want to figure out is the desired function.

What is the reason for the change? When it comes to headlights, the answer is pretty simple: to clearly (and reliably) see the road ahead of you.

It’s no secret that being able to discern your surroundings is essential to safe vehicle operation. Headlights make sure you can do that.

Another really important component is reasonable adjustability. There is a difference between low and high beams for a very good reason.

Driving in the rain is inherently different than driving in optimal conditions.

When your unit fits well with the electrical situation in your vehicle, then you get the benefit of knowing the lumens will adjust properly to your commands.

This way, regardless of the weather conditions around you, the Silverado in your care has the brightness needed.

The option seen here is ideal for these purposes. Featuring a trendy and unique design, it is both aesthetically appealing and highly functional.

This means that you can clearly see the road ahead and fellow drivers can see you (and your chic headlights) with equal clarity.

Highlighted Features:

  • Sleek appearance for a unique truck presentation
  • Works on 2003- 2006 Avalanche Models of the Silverado
  • Fits with 2007 Classic Silverado
  • Tested to ensure high-performance levels
  • Works during all types of road conditions
  • Provides for great visibility


  • No modification required
  • Enhances visibility
  • Simple installation process


  • Doesn’t fit new models

08. VoRock8 Conversion Kit (ID#R2 COB 9005 HB3 8000) 

Sometimes, you need to swap out the whole system for something new and better. Other times, you just want to upgrade a component without having to do an entire overhaul.

This option is ideal for the latter situation. Because it is just a headlight (and not a hardware) replacement, it is generally more compatible than other options.

The halogen bulbs are tried and true, representing a tested technology that’s been on the market for a really long time.

The aluminum exterior adds durability and rust resistance through the natural properties of the metal. With a sleek design, these options are lightweight and generally long-lasting.

It is easy to get them to fit in with the existing electrical setup on your truck – meaning you don’t need extensive modifications to the system.

Even though you might need to reverse the polarity on the system, it is a small price to pay (and a quick job to complete) for a quality lighting solution.

If you like the existing hardware and just want to upgrade the lights themselves, this is a solid direction to take.

Highlighted Features:

  • Conversion kit for headlights, not the whole system
  • Comes in a variety of different lumen levels
  • Fits with a wide variety of vehicle models
  • High-grade aluminum manufacturing for durability
  • Resists corrosion and prevents electrical wear


  • Uses halogen bulbs for added lumens
  • Simplified light replacements
  • Works in all weather conditions


  • Doesn’t include headlight hardware
  • May need to reverse electrical polarity

09. Akkon Smoked Headlight System

Silverados are undoubtedly iconic in appearance. One of the reasons drivers gravitate towards these trucks (in addition to the high functionality) is the look.

Balancing modern and classic elements, these trucks give the unique advantage of friendliness towards all types of accessories.

Since the vehicle has such a sturdy appearance, it gives you the opportunity to keep true to the spirit of the truck while leaving your personal stamp.

With these headlights, you can individualize your Silverado. They have a dark outside, giving the truck a modern, ornate appearance.

Working with basically every color and model, these headlights are a great go-to choice for jazzing up your truck while also adding value and safety.

Including all the hardware you need to swap out the factory setup, these headlights are high-quality and long-lasting so that you can hit the road in style.

Highlighted Features:

  • Dark exterior for a sleek vehicular appearance
  • Features both driver and passenger side headlights
  • Comes with the full hardware for a headlight overhaul
  • May require modification to fit with factory parts


  • Compatible with many vehicles
  • Works with many different bulb strengths
  • No light bulbs included (you can choose)


  • Doesn’t come with instructions
  • Requires professional install

10. AmerLite Replacement Headlights

If you live in an area prone to heavy weather conditions (like somewhere near the coast), then you need a headlight option which is both reliable and high functioning.

These lights help you achieve this goal in style. Using the reputable (and modern) LED lighting technology, you get the most in terms of both lumens and energy efficiency.

Not only do LED lights produce less ambient heat during lighting (meaning less wasted energy), they also last a lot longer than other options.

Since these lights fit with just about every Silverado model, you can rest easy knowing that they are a trustworthy option.

Another great value is that you can easily install this system from the comfort of your home garage.

Basically, in a single afternoon, you can outfit your truck with modern technology that looks good and keeps you and your loved ones safe on the road. What could be better?

Highlighted Features:

  • Uses LED lights for high-quality brightness
  • Fits with most Silverado models
  • Exceeds all applicable safety standards
  • Easy to install design without adjustments
  • Matches with off the line electrical setup


  • No modifications required
  • Includes driver and passenger lights


  • Plain appearance
  • No lightbulb choice

Buying Considerations of Best Aftermarket Headlights For Silverado

When it comes to buying truck accessories, it’s important to think about all aspects of the purchase. Since each item is different, there are different requirements for success.

In order to have the best possible experience, make sure you choose a reputable merchant.

Opt for a retailer with a proven track record of success; and, as long as you consider other product-specific ideas, you are sure to have a good time with your purchase. These additional factors include:

01. Light Bulb Type: What technology does it use?

Logically, one of the things you should keep in mind when choosing a headlight is the type of light bulb you want to use.

Different setups have different electrical compatibility, meaning you can’t use all types of bulbs in all headlight hardware.

The first step is to decide what type of lightbulb you need. Each has a different level of reliability and energy efficiency. They also all produce different levels of lumens (which speaks to brightness).

If you plan to drive during the night, or in a storm, then you want something that is both bright and reliable. Ultimately, the choice comes down to:

  • Halogen: These bulbs were on the market for the longest, generally produce a reasonable number of lumens, and tend to last a long time. On the other hand, they are less energy efficient than other options.
  • Xenon: Newer than halogens, these bulbs tend to be more durable and also produce more lumens than the other options. They are not, however, the most efficient choice available.
  • LED: The newest choice on the market, these bulbs are the most efficient choice, meaning they use the least power and create the most light.

Once you decide which of these choices suits you best, you can move on to the other considerations.

02. Installation Requirements: How do you set it up?

Perhaps you have mechanical inclinations and even an installation with modification requirements would be no issue.

On the other hand, maybe you seek something that is a bit more straightforward, like a bolt-on choice.

Knowing which of these is the best choice for your needs will make setting up the headlights simpler.

Some choices don’t include a user manual or any kind of instruction. Others require a professional mechanic to set up the unit.

Depending on your timeline and budget, your needs will vary. Ensure that you know how you want the setup to play out, and choose an option that will work for those situations.

03. Product Appearance: Does it look good?

By their very definition, headlights are meant for visibility. It isn’t a product that goes unnoticed to you (or passersby).

You may seek the type of appearance which features a bold option with contrasting colors and unique looks.

On the other hand, you might want something a bit subtler, that blends in with your vehicle and doesn’t highlight the aftermarket headlight choice.

There are several different options in terms of headlight looks, so choose something you are comfortable with when you go to buy the unit. This will promote your enjoyment of the product itself over the long term.

04. Compatibility: Will it fit your truck?

If the accessory isn’t compatible with your truck, then it’s pretty much a non-starter.

Perhaps one of the most critical considerations, before choosing the item you want to buy, make sure you can fit it on your truck without any unrealistic modifications.

Some headlight designs gear towards older vehicles and others fit with most models (though need some minor tweaks).

Since headlights feed into the electrical components of your truck, you want to ensure that everything matches properly to preserve the wellbeing of all parts of your truck’s system.

04. Lumens Produced: How bright will it be?

Though headlights tend to produce a predictable range of lumens, the difference between 2800 and 3500 is fairly significant.

Basically, lumens are a way of measuring the amount of light produced which is visible to the naked eye.

In short, the more lumens, the brighter the light. Of course, more lumens also means a shorter shelf life in most cases since the bulb will burn out more quickly.

It is fairly simple to swap out the bulb (you don’t need to buy a whole system each time).

So, when you consider the lumens vs. durability conundrum, put more focus on the brightness. This way, you get the performance level you seek.

06. Item Durability: How long will it last?

While not specifically a measure of the bulb, since they all burn out eventually, durability is important in terms of the hardware.

Take a look at insulation features like rubber backing. These prevent wear down over time.

Additionally, seek a sturdy metal that prevents damage from moisture. Things like stainless steel and aluminum have a certain level of natural resistance.

Other metals have a black coating which prevents corrosion unless it’s damaged. The exterior, coupled with sturdy electrical connections, ensures that you get the longest lasting product available.

As long as you keep the above in mind, you can rest easy knowing you have considered all the necessary aspects of your purchase.

The best way to ensure you get the product you want is to choose a piece that fits your specific needs.

If you go with the choice you gravitate towards, then you will have the best chance of success.

Final Thoughts

To make sure you can see the road ahead, finding the best aftermarket headlights for Silverado trucks is essential.

They not only keep you safe, but they also enhance the appearance and function of your truck.

There are lots of different choices, each with their own set of values. As long as you pick the option you personally prefer, you are sure to have a great headlight purchasing experience.

Take a look at these products from the same price range, that are available right now on Amazon:

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