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10 Best Mud Flaps For F150 2022: Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

If you are considering investing in Best Mud Flaps for F150, then you have come to the right place. Our extensive guide about mud flaps will give you all the details that are needed to make a rational decision!

Our Best Pick
Husky Liners - Front & Rear Mud Guards | 2015 - 2020 Ford F-150 No Fender Flares,...
Best Value
Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Molded Mud Flaps 2015-2020 Compatible with Ford F-150 Front...
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WeatherTech Custom MudFlaps for Ford F-150 with Fender Flare, Wheel Lip Molding -...
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Husky Liners - Front & Rear Mud Guards | 2015 - 2020 Ford F-150 No Fender Flares,...
Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Molded Mud Flaps 2015-2020 Compatible with Ford F-150 Front...
WeatherTech Custom MudFlaps for Ford F-150 with Fender Flare, Wheel Lip Molding -...
Plasticolor 000539R01 Ford Oval Logo Easy Fit Mud Guard 11"x19" - Set of 2 , Black
Our Best Pick
Husky Liners - Front & Rear Mud Guards | 2015 - 2020 Ford F-150 No Fender Flares,...
Husky Liners - Front & Rear Mud Guards | 2015 - 2020 Ford F-150 No Fender Flares,...
Best Value
Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Molded Mud Flaps 2015-2020 Compatible with Ford F-150 Front...
Red Hound Auto Heavy Duty Molded Mud Flaps 2015-2020 Compatible with Ford F-150 Front...
Don't Miss
WeatherTech Custom MudFlaps for Ford F-150 with Fender Flare, Wheel Lip Molding -...
WeatherTech Custom MudFlaps for Ford F-150 with Fender Flare, Wheel Lip Molding -...
Also Consider
Plasticolor 000539R01 Ford Oval Logo Easy Fit Mud Guard 11"x19" - Set of 2 , Black
Plasticolor 000539R01 Ford Oval Logo Easy Fit Mud Guard 11"x19" - Set of 2 , Black

Mud flaps are essential for the overall health of a truck or vehicle. The vehicle consists of sensitive and vulnerable parts that are prone to corrosion or rust.

There are a variety of purposes for mud flaps. But the main purpose of the mud flaps is to keep the sensitive parts of the vehicle protected from mud, dirt, water, oil and other compounds or substances. So, the vehicle can continue to function smoothly without damage.

Driving around without mud flaps is messy. The water and mud can be sprayed in the surroundings and the vehicle can be damaged too with time.

The overall health can be maintained with the mud flaps!


Comparison Table of Top 10 Best Mud Flaps For F150

Husky Liners 58446
Plasticolor Ford
Red Hound
Husky Liners
Ford mud flaps
Red Hound
A-Premium Splash Guards 

Purpose of Mud Flaps

  • They act as a shield and keep dirt, mud, rocks, and other unwanted materials away from the major components of the truck.
  • They ensure the cleanliness of the body of the truck. The cleaning of the truck becomes easier because they prevent the body from getting super dirty.
  • The body of the truck is not stained by various harmful substances that may be present on the road because of mud flaps.

What is The Best Mud Flap For F150?

The Husky Liners Store is renowned for making the best mud flaps for f150. The Husky Liners 58446 mud flaps are renowned because they are available readily, so the people interested in buying don’t have to struggle to get them.

Many vehicle owners praise these mud flaps for their high-quality and performance.

Why are Husky Liners The Best Brand For Mud Flaps?

Husky Liners, one of the best brands for mud flaps has the perfect size for f150 and they are designed to ensure protection.

Since they are wide, they provide maximum protection against dirt, mud, debris, and other unwanted materials.

They are the best selling because they are durable, made with the highest quality materials, and provide the most protection.

Also, they can be easily installed by following the given instructions.

With our research, we have put together a list that contains the top 10 best mud flaps for f150. So, let’s have a look at the list!

10 Best Mud Flaps For F150 Reviews & Buying Guide

01. Husky Liners 58446 – Best Overall Mud Flaps For F150

Highlighted Features:

  • Impact-resistant thermoplastic material
  • Black exterior
  • Uses screws for installation
  • Greater width for full tread

The Husky Liner mud flaps are one of the bestselling mud flaps. They are made with the highest quality materials hence they are super durable.

They are tougher than rocks and even nails so they cannot be easily damaged.

Since they have a greater width, they shield the body of the truck from mud, dirt, and other harmful materials.

The cool thing is that these ensure a custom fit. So, they easily fit the f150 and protect the inner components of the vehicle.

The mud flaps come with screws. No need to drill for installation. You can simply use the screws to secure the mud flaps in place.

Not a lot of time is needed for the installation. The installation can be done within a couple of hours.

We highly recommend the Husky Liner mud flaps because they reduce the mud and dirt deposition on the body.


  • Durable and sturdy
  • Easy to install
  • Made with strong materials
  • No need for drilling
  • Custom look


  • The directions for installation are not great

02. WeatherTech 110002-120002- Best Easy to Install Mud Flaps

Highlighted Features:

  • QuickTurn System for Fastening
  • Stainless steel screws and washers
  • Pre-drilled

Next up on our list, we have the WeatherTech mud flaps for f150. The mud flaps are designed to protect the body, paint, and essential internal components of the vehicle.

The wide WeatherTech mud flaps keep the mud, grime, oil, and other substances away from the body when exposed to them on the road.

The QuickTurn fastening system is a unique system that protects the vulnerable or essential areas of the vehicle. So, the body and the sensitive parts of the vehicle remain in a good health for a long period of time.

The mounting locations for these mud flaps are already drilled so a drill machine is not needed. Due to this, the installation of the WeatherTech mud flaps becomes a quick and easy process.

No sophisticated or complex tools are needed! You can simply the few steps are given in the instruction manual and you will be done.

Lastly, the mud flaps have a high build quality. They are strong enough to withstand dirt, mud, grime, and other materials that the vehicle may be exposed to. Since they are quite tough, not even rocks can damage them.

“The only drawback of the mud flaps is that they may not fit some of the models including those with running boards, flareside box, and lip molding.”

No more drilling, install the mud flaps super quickly!


  • Easy installation
  • No drilling needed
  • Heavy-duty and strong
  • Keep the vulnerable areas of the vehicle safe


  • They don’t fit all models

03. Plasticolor Ford Oval-Best Weatherproof Mud Flaps

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with PVC
  • Fiberglass packing prevents cracking
  • Colorful flaps
  • Come in a set of two

The Plasticolor mud flaps are one of the most amazing looking mud flaps along with high performance.

They have the Ford logo on them too which is not very common. Some people buy these just for the sake of the logo.

Low-quality mud flaps split and break over time. You don’t have to worry about the Plasticolor mud flaps cracking or splitting into pieces after some time.

This is because they come with fiberglass packing. The fiberglass packing makes sure that they sustain their shape and keep performing for the protection of the vehicle.

“The installation of the mud flaps, may not be as easy as other mud flaps.”

Some high-quality mud flaps are capable of surviving or sustaining their shape in immense heat.

These Plasticolor mud flaps are capable of withstanding high-temperatures. So, even on very hot days and in hot climates, the Plasticolor mud flaps will keep on doing their job.

The cold temperatures don’t stop the mud flaps from doing their job. They remain in the same shape and don’t break or split.

Also, people in areas where they get a lot of rain can opt for those because they protect the vehicle from rusting and corrosion due to moisture.


  • Withstand hot and cold temperatures
  • Sustain the shape
  • No breaking and splitting over time
  • Colorful


  • Not easy to install

04. Red Hound-Best Custom-Built Mud Flaps

Highlighted Features:

  • Made with heavy-duty polymer
  • Includes a full set
  • Factory look

At the fourth place, we have a full set of the Red Hound heavy-duty mud flaps. As they say that custom-built or custom-made things fit like a glove.

The Red Hound mud flaps also fit perfectly because they are custom designed.  

The full set comes with the front and rear mud flaps along with the instructions and mounting hardware. So, you don’t have to buy front and rear mud flaps separately.

This is why no additional hardware for mounting of the mud flaps is needed. You might want a drilling machine to drill holes through.

Unlike many other mud flaps, the Red Hound mud flaps are thick, durable, and sturdy.

They are specifically designed to withstand dirt, mud, grime, oil, and other materials. The thickness of the Red Hound mud flaps makes them even more durable.

“To ensure secure installation or optional securing of the mud flaps, drilling may be needed.”


  • Thick mud flaps
  • Quality-tested
  • Fit the contours
  • Provide maximum protection


  • Drilling may be needed for installation

05. Husky Liners Fits 2004-14-Best Durable Mud Flaps

Highlighted Features:

  • Custom-fit to your vehicle
  • Made with the thermoplastic material
  • Tough and thick flaps

The Husky Liner mud flaps fit the vehicles perfectly. They not only protect the internal parts of the vehicle but they also prevent the paint of the body from getting damaged or stained.

Fading of the paint is also caused over time due to the mud, dirt, and other unwanted particles or substances.

The Husky Liners 2004-14 mud flaps can be installed with the hassle of drilling. They are wide for the full tread of the wheels.

So, they ensure maximum protection. They prevent the other cars from being sprayed on.

The cool thing about these is that they look amazing on your ride. Along with that, they prevent the internal parts from getting damaged. So, you get greater protection and a sleek look as well!

So, we highly recommend these mud flaps.


  • Cool appearance
  • Maximum protection
  • Easy installation
  • Heavy-duty and durable
  • Impact-resistant


  • May not fit some models

06. 2015 Ford F150


Highlighted Features:

  • Black color
  • Lip set OEM

Then come the Ford mud flaps. They come with plastic pins that can be easily removed by pushing. Hence, the installation becomes easy.

No drilling is needed so the job becomes easier. They look amazing with the overall style of the vehicle. They make the vehicle aesthetically pleasing while providing protection as well.

People who wish to get the mud flaps and install them on their own can get their hands on these. They fit perfectly as well.

The only problem with the 2015 Ford mud flaps is that they may not provide enough protection. This is because they are not very wide when compared with other mud flaps.

If you are looking for “enough” protection only then these are a perfect option for you!


  • Easy installation
  • No drilling is needed
  • Blends with the overall look of the vehicle
  • Good fitting


  • They are not as wide

07. Red Hound Auto Premium 

Highlighted Features:

  • Front and rear mud flaps
  • Made with heavy-duty polymer
  • Mounting hardware
  • Quality tested

On the seventh place, we have mud flaps by Red Hound Auto. These mud flaps are specifically made to ensure maximum protection while you are driving on the road.

The red hound mud flaps have a wider width hence, they are able to protect the door and fender of the vehicle.

Some people face issues with the fit of the mud flaps. These Red Hound mud flaps are capable of fitting to the contours of the vehicle.

They come with mounting hardware and instructions that can be used for installation. The instructions provided are easy to follow as well.

Everything that you need for installation is included in the kit.

Lastly, it is important to know that red hound mud flaps are quality tested.

The quality of these is tested in the factories to make sure that the users get the highest quality product and maximum protection. Once you get your hands on these, you will see the high-quality for yourself.

Even in the harshest weather, they do an amazing job. No more worrying about too much snow, too much rain or too much sun. These will do their job in all weathers!


  • Instruction manual
  • Easy to install
  • Custom fitting
  • No interference during turns


  • Might be too big for some vehicles

08. A-Premium Splash Guards 

Highlighted Features:

  • Black color
  • Injection-molded style
  • Matte surface finish
  • Front and rear set

The A-premium mud guards are popular for their high-performance and smart look. You can easily set these up without the need for any modifications.

Also, the installation is easy. They come with screws and the screws are everything that you need to have these installed.

Not a lot of time is needed for the installation either. In less than an hour, you will be done with the installation. Also, no professional help is needed.

“They do not fit all models. Those models that have factory fender flares will not be compatible with the mud flaps. This is the only drawback!”

The mud flaps make sure that the body of the vehicle remains in a good condition. No more paint fades or no more dirt on the body.

The main components of the vehicle remain in a good shape because of these mud flaps.

The sensitive parts of the vehicle can be ruined because of the mud but these make sure to prevent that from happening.


  • Provide decent protection
  • Heavy-duty materials
  • Nice fitting
  • Easy to install


  • Do not come with enough instructions

09. WeatherTech Custom MudFlaps

Highlighted Features:

  • QuickTurn System
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Custom-fit

In the second last place, we have the WeatherTech custom mud flaps. These are super easy to install with the quick turn system.

Along with that, these flaps provide unmatched protection to the undercarriage and body of the vehicle. Within an hour, you can easily get done with the installation of these mud flaps.

Even in harsh weather conditions where there may be water, snow, and even scorching heat, the mud flaps keep doing their job.

They are sturdy and durable because they are made with high-quality materials and the built quality is good as well. There is no need for replacements.

Again, these may not be suitable for all models.

So, these mud flaps are a combination of high-performance, durability, and protection. Make sure to match the compatibility of these with your vehicle.


  • Strong and durable
  • No drilling needed
  • Look nice with the vehicle


  • These may not fit all models

 10. LUVERNE 251520 Front 


Highlighted Features:

  • 18-gauge stainless steel guard plates
  • Polished plates
  • Corrosion-resistant hardware
  • Strong construction

The last on our list is the LUVERNE 251520 mud flaps. They have heavy-duty construction so they have the capability to withstand all kinds of unwanted materials on the road.

Easy installation is one of the major features as well. Without a lot of hassle, you will be able to put them on because the kit comes with mounting hardware.

So, you don’t need to look for tools to get the job done.

If we talk about durability then we come to know that these mud flaps are made with recycled rubber.

They have texture upon them so they prevent mud, dirt, debris. This way, the overall look of the vehicle seems clean. Also, they don’t split or break.

The corrosion-resistant hardware and polished plates are some of the unique features of these mud flaps. These features are not easily seen in most mud flaps. Hence, we highly recommend them.


  • The texture on the surface
  • Protects the vehicle from debris and rocks
  • Blocks mud


  • These may pricey for some people

By looking at the top 10 best mud flaps for f150, you will now have an idea of the different options available. To make your final decision even more strong and regret-free, let’s have a look at the buying considerations.

Buying Considerations of Best Mud Flaps For F150

01. Width and Protection

The first and the most important thing to note when buying mud flaps is their “width”. The width is important because the wider the mud flap, the greater will be the protection.

At times, the mud flaps are no wide enough to the full tread so they don’t provide maximum protection. So, always look for mud flaps that are wide enough to ensure maximum protection to the vulnerable areas of the vehicle.

In short, optimal coverage leads to maximum protection!

02. Material

Mud flaps are made with different materials. Some are thicker and rigid while others may be thinner and flexible.

This is because of the varying materials used in the construction.

Mud flaps are made with fiberglass, rubber, or other materials. The job of these is to be exposed to grime, dirt, mud, oil, and other substances.

So, they must be made of strong materials that can withstand all the harmful materials.

The stronger the material, the longer the mud flap will last.

03. Compatibility

Then comes compatibility. It is essential to check the compatibility of the mud flaps with your vehicle. This is because not all mud flaps fit all vehicles.

Not all mud flaps are well-matched with fender flares. Some of them are but not all. So, instead of getting your hands on the flaps that won’t fit, make sure to get the right ones.

When buying the mud flaps, you will see various options to choose from. So, be careful when doing that.

04. Build-Quality and Durability

No one wants mud flaps that will split in some time, right? So, durability is an important consideration. As we mentioned earlier that the materials used in the construction determine how long-lasting the flaps will be.

Along with that, the build quality also matters. If the mud flaps are well built while keeping in view the harsh substances that they will be exposed to, then they will certainly last a long while!

As best mud flaps are those that can withstand tough rocks, mud, dirt, and other substances in the outdoors.

05. Installation

Professional help can be avoided and money can be saved if you get easy to install mud flaps. There are mud flaps that are pre-drilled so you don’t have to deal with a drilling machine.

Most of the mud flaps come with mounting hardware so you should not have issues installing them.

You may find some that require drilling, so if you don’t want to deal with a drill machine then make sure to not get those ones.

06. Price

Just like everything available in the market, mud flaps also have varying prices. Different brands have different models so the price varies.

Nevertheless, the most suitable mud flaps in terms of price range can easily opt.

07. Thickness

The thickness of the mud flaps determines their longevity and protection. The thicker the mud flap will be, the longer it will last.

Thicker mud flap will be able to withstand all the dirt and mud while protecting the body of the vehicle.  

08. Appearance

Most people don’t pay much attention to the appearance of the mud flaps. However, some of the mud flaps can end up looking very ugly because they don’t blend with the overall look of the vehicle. Also, some people don’t care about the color either.

If you want to ensure a nice appearance of the vehicle, then you must buy mud flaps that blend with the overall look of the vehicle. Make sure to get a suitable color as well.

09. Weather-resistant

The mud flaps should be able to withstand extreme cold and extremely hot weather. If you are residing in an area that is extremely hot or extremely cold then make it certain to get the mud flaps that are weather resistant.

Sometimes, the extreme weather conditions cause damage to the mud flaps and they become inefficient. So, to avoid that, invest in mud flaps that will do their job no matter what the weather is.

10. Fitting

Then making sure that the mud flaps fit properly is also important. At times, the mud flaps may not fit because of the lack of compatibility. So, pick the right ones so that they can easily fit.

Also, make sure that they come with mounting hardware. Go through the instructions carefully so that the fitting can be done without any hassle.

11. Size

Lastly, you need to consider the size of the mud flaps as well. Some of them may not be big enough to provide enough protection and some of them may be too big. So, beware of the size as well.

How To Install Mud Flaps 

Installation of the mud flaps is very easy and can be done at home without any help. By following these steps, you will be able to install mud flaps.

Step 1: Clean the tires

First you need to make sure that the tires are clean. This way, when the mad flaps are attached, the overall look of the vehicle will be really good.  

Step 2: Check the fit of the mud flaps

Next, take the mud flaps for the front and rear. Check the size of the mud flaps and make sure that it is compatible with the vehicle. After doing that, you can move on to the actual installation.

Step 3: Put the screws aside

With the mud flaps, there will be mounting hardware. The mounting hardware will include screws to secure the mud flaps in place.

Make sure to put them safely aside. This is an essential step because you don’t want to lose the screws. Otherwise, the mud flaps won’t be fully secure in place.

Step 4: Install the flaps

As there are two types of mud flaps. One kind requires drilling and the other ones don’t require drilling. The non-drilling flaps are much easier to install.

You can use the pre-drilled holes to put the mud flaps in place.

On the other hand, if you don’t have pre-drilled flaps then make sure to take measurements so that you can drill holes. After drilling the holes, the job is almost done.

Step 5: Fit screws

Next, all you have to do is put the mud flaps in places and screw them securely.

Step 6: Check whether they are secure or not

In the last step, check whether the mud flaps stay in place without any support or not. You will be easily able to tell.

And Viola! The mud flaps have been installed.

Let’s now move on to the Frequently Asked Questions.

FAQ’s About Best Mud Flaps For Ford F150

Are mud flaps durable?

Yes, most of the mud flaps are very durable. However, if the mud flaps are not well-built and if they are not made with premium quality materials then will not last as long.

The durability is dependent upon the weather conditions, materials, and built quality. If all of these are good then the flaps will definitely be durable.

Are mud flaps effective?

Yes, mud flaps are effective in protecting the vehicle from dirt, mud, and other substances. The mud flaps also aid in keeping the overall health of the vehicle good.

This is because, grime, rocks, and other unwanted materials do not reach the major components of the vehicle. Also, the most vulnerable areas remain protected.

Can you drive without mud flaps?

Technically, you can drive without mud flaps. But in various parts of the world, there are laws that make it necessary to drive with mud flaps.

Driving without mud flaps can be extremely messy. This is because, the mud, water, or other substances are sprayed on the vehicles behind or on those that are passing by.

Mud flaps not only protect your vehicle but they also protect other vehicles from being sprayed on.

How high should the mud flaps be from the road?

If the mud flaps are too low, then they will touch the road and will get broken. They will not be efficient at doing their job. With time, the durability and life of such mud flaps will keep on decreasing.

Hence, it is extremely important to have mud flaps at least 6 inches above the surface of the road.

Is the gas mileage affected because of the mud flaps?

No, the mud flaps have nothing to do with the gas mileage. So, don’t disturb it. The purpose of mud flaps is to protect the vehicle from mud, dirt, water, oil, and other things.

Also, they are not connected to the gas mileage in any way.

Do mud flaps really work?

Yes, the mud flaps are more than an aesthetically pleasing modification. They play a vital role in protecting the sensitive parts of the vehicle. The paint is also protected from being faded.


This article is for all those people who have been in search of the best mud flaps for f150. We provided the necessary information so that people can pick out the mud flaps that they like the best out of the top 10.

Along with that, we provided all the information that is needed to make a rational decision when it comes to mud flaps.

We hope that this article will make decision making easy for you!

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